Posted by: kunikochan | May 26, 2009

I’m alive? Return ramblings and Axis Powers 18

Holy Roman Empire, Batman, she’s alive! (O_O )

rome disapears

Kinda like me lol

That’s right folks, I’m alive. And like the fangirl that I am, I’m returning, after several weeks of being absent, with a review of Axis Powers Hetalia… go figure. But first, my totally pathetic bs’d explanation as to why I was gone.


Okay, so before I get on to the episode (which was totally AMAZING btw) let me redeem myself after being gone for so long. I was totally convinced that after my AP European History exam, it would be smooth sailing… except it wasn’t. All my teachers decided to go into “LET’S SEE HOW MUCH WORTHLESS CRAP WE CAN CRAM INTO THEIR HEADS BEFORE SUMMER BREAK FOR NO APPARENT REASON” mode and so I was forced to work 24/7 and prey to Almighty God to have mercy on my miserably tired soul.  Working as diligently as I could, I managed to get everything done (and quite nicely if I do say so myself) as well as good grades on my exams. I was also able to completely catch up on everything (except Pandora Hearts and 07-Ghost, but I’ll explain more about that in a minute) so everything is going back to normal. However, there are going to be a few changes to the blog on my part. For starters,  my anime/manga list has changed a bit. My new list is as follows:

Full Metal Alchemist 2, K-ON!, Axis Powers Hetalia, Naruto (the manga), and if I can, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (I’ve only seen a bit of the original series… would it hurt me to watch the new one?)

As you probably noticed, 07-Ghost and Pandora Hearts are not on this list. I’ve completely dropped 07, but Pandora Hearts is still iffy. I might watch it later or I might not, I’ll just have to see.

My other major change will be more of a hiatus notice (omg AGAIN?!?) This summer, I’m going on a cruise with the family, then, a few days later, I’m repacking my bags and flying off to Japan for a few weeks! Yes, that’s right, I’m going to JAPAN this summer, every otaku’s dream! I can’t tell you how happy I am about this one folks, really, it’s so exciting. So, obviously I won’t be posting then, however when I get back I will post about my trip (pictures and all~) and things will go back to normal once again.

LONG RAMBLE OVER. (sorry about all that personal crap, I just needed to set everything straight so that things can finally go back to normal around here)

Now, for this weeks Hetalia:

Okay, so this week went back to the beach arc (which, by the way, is totally confusing to me… all the history I know and I can’t for the life of me figure rome singsout what’s going on here!) That aside, this episode was brilliant and I laughed so dang hard. The Allies, under America (naturally~) try to attack Germany, Italy, and Japan (China is actually the one doing the attacking, with a frying pan what? isn’t that Hungary’s trademark?). For the most part he’s successful, and when the Allies come in to end it, GRANDPA ROME pops out of the ocean and starts SINGING, I KID YOU NOT, HE SINGS. This is probably why I love APH so much; the most RANDOM crap happens and you can never predict it or understand it no matter how many times you watch it. As far as singing goes, Rome is a bit hawaiian romerusty but the song, oh God THE SONG; it was pretty hilarious and I could’ve just died listening to it (especially the second time around when it was all Hawaiian themed xD) What made if funnier for me was my European History teacher; he ALWAYS said things like this, how Europe was founded on British law, French food, and German Engineering. But then he would say “Imagine if, instead, it were founded by British food, French engineering, and German law!” Man, I miss that class already ;_;

Anyway, so the Allies retreat (after Rome pops up a second time) and the episode ends with a very confused Germany and Japan (and no storage cleaning, not even a single advertisement omg! w00t!). Look forward to next week as always~ (and oh so glad to be back!)


  1. This was episode 18, by the way.

  2. Oh, oops! I don’t know why I’m convinced that this is episode 17 and not 18 (I’ve made that mistake several times today >>;) Sorry for the confusion, it should be fixed now ^^;

  3. Ah no your leaving me again!!
    hehe ah when are u going on your cruise?Cause we need to hangout lol XD Darn u! i envy ur summer plans! hehe Saranghae!

  4. I think we leave for the cruise June 26th? But I’m not really sure ^^; (however, I leave for Japan July 7th~~)

  5. Ah ok! Cool! More time to hang heheh! i thought ur trip was in June for some reason hehe. 😀

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