Posted by: eunwoo | June 25, 2009

New Group Discovery: Fahrenheit


Lol if your looking for some new tuneage try Fahrenheit! I just found out about this adorable Taiwanese band last week and i love them! Fahrenheit,also called Fei Lun Hai,has four cute members named (from left to right of pic) Wu Zhun(my fav! isnt he adorable!!) Jiro Wang,Aaron Yan,and Calvin Chen.The reason they are called Fahrenheit is because each member represents a temp spring(Calvin) summer(Jiro), autumn(Wu Zhun),winter(Aaron). Most of there songs are bubblegum pop (like Super Junior Happy) or ballads but they are all good!. Also not only do they sing Chinese songs but have also come out with afew Japanese songs as Besides popstars the boys are also great actors if you like dramas! Some i would suggest with them in it  is Hana Kimi(Taiwanese ver)starring my Zhun Zhun and Jiro!,Tokyo Juliet,and Romantic Princess(there are more but those are what ive seen) Anyways i hope you’ll check them out and love them! lol Heres a taste with 2 of there music vids! Enjoy!

First a serious one called “Stay With Me” (they look sexy lol )

And this one called” Xin Wo” ft. S.H.E  (from the Romantic Princess drama)this has a j-pop ver too 😀



  1. OMG they are so cute!
    Whats the name of the band?

  2. lol arent they!?! lol they are called Fahrenheit! lol They have allsorts of mvs on youtube too!

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