Posted by: kunikochan | February 7, 2009

Naruto Chapter 434 – Naruto Vs. God Realm




So, after so random fighting and talking and whatnot, Naruto ends up getting captured by Pain and all his sage chakra is sucked out of him. With only one clone left back at the ranch, things aren’t looking too good for our hero! But fear not, for I do have good news!


-evil smirk-

lol, I’m joking not really

But all joking aside, why must all the side characters sit around and do nothing? So they don’t get in his way? I mean, I guess I cansee where they’re comming from (they don’t want to mess Naruto up or get hurt from one of his attacks or whatever), in fact, what’s probably ticking me off is when every time Pain does some crazy attack you see all of the side characters sitting around, DOING NOTHING, looking up and screaming “OMG, WUT WAZ DAT?!?!” like useless fools. Urghh, ANNOYING. It’s like Sakura in the first series. Especially when these characters are so awesome and skilled. It hurts me to see them so useless (or completely absent for that matter >_<)

Anyway, I really liked this chapter (despite all my complaining) and am really looking forward to the next chapter simply because I’m real curious to see how Naruto gets out of this mess! (Because you just know he will) Go Go Naruto! (>3<)b


  1. it seems like hinata is one of the ‘few’ people who wants to do something

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