Posted by: eunwoo | December 30, 2009

Movie Review:Ninja Assassin!

Hey guys! Its been awhile right? lol Well im back and with a new review! If your a fan of the handsome singer Rain you probably know about his new movie.. Ninja Assassin! For those who don’t know, Rain ( sexy korean r&b singer)lol has taken his acting to the big screen! And although his first movie Speed Racer wasnt a big hit, Ninja Assassin blew me out of the water! lol

The movie is about a ninja named Raizo(Rain) who has turned on his clan and decides to help detective Mika uncover the truth of there secret society and destroy the Ozunu clan. Throughout the movie there is tons of ninja action,blood and hot guys lol XD Through the movie as you watch Mika and Raizo avoid ninjas, you discover why Raizo left his previous life,which all leads up to an epic ending sword fight!! But i dont wanna give to much away. XD All in all it was an awesome movie! Great effects action and awesomeness! Plz go see and support Rain! lol ^_^

Rain looked AMAZING btw lol he trained 8 hours a day to get his body in ninja mode lol XD

O_O  lol

Oh another random fact…The guy playing the teenage Raizo

this guy…Lee Joon (hehe hes soooo cute!)

Is actually from Rain’s own boy band he made called MBLAQ (said as m black)

They look alike don’t they? hehe Here he is in the movie!

Well I hope you go and see Ninja Assassin and love it as much as i did! Thanks for readin!



  1. nae saranghae lee joon
    my love

  2. Ahhh me too! Joon is sooo adorable! lol

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