Posted by: kunikochan | April 9, 2009

First Impressions: Pandora Hearts


Next on our list of new anime for this season is Pandora Hearts!

omg-that-watchOkay, so supposedly this is an Alice in Wonderland parody, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of Kingdom Hearts while watching this (and no, not because there is a Alice in Wonderland level in that game) Anyway, the show starts off with a boy named Oz who’s apparently an aristocrat about to have his coming of age ceremony that night. As all kids are, he still wants to play outside for a while longer so he grabs his friend (who is also his servent apparently) and a little girl named Ada to come out and play with him. While out, he hears a strange sound and follows it, which leads him to welcome-to-wonderlandfall into a deep hole followed by the servant boy, Dinah (I think that’s his name) Glibert (sorry for the mix up there ^^;) who see’s him fall. Once they collect themselves, they notice a very old grave with a gold stopwatch on it. Curious, Oz picks it up and turns it which takes him to this alternate universe (which is very similar to Wonderland I might add). There, a girl with weird powers threatens him, telling him his life is just about over. Dinah snaps him out of it and they go home. Later, you see that the ceremony has almost begun and guests from all over are arriving, but Dinah is nowhere to be found (oh the suspense!)

should-i-go-or-stayFirst Impression:This was not what I expected from this show by any means. The show had a very unusual feel to it, and the whole time I kept trying to figure out where the heck it was taking place (I’m guessing Germany, but I’m pretty sure I’m wrong). It almost felt like I was watching FMA, but without the awesome. Also, I was kinda disappointed with the animation. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t super amazing either (as well as the choice in colors – they weren’t pretty to look at at all, and everything was so dull). The OP wasn’t catchy or upbeat, but it had a very beautiful sound, and the lyrics fit the show nicely so that was a plus. The melody that the watch played was also very nice – I totally loved that part. Overall, I’m not really sure what to think of this show. It didn’t grab my attention at all, so I’ll give it a few more episodes and see what I think then. A lack in humor was also a minus for me.

Would I recommend it? No, probably not. I’ll have to see more before I can really say anything.

Will I watch it? Maybe… it wasn’t really interesting so again I’ll have to see more before I know if I love it or hate it.


  1. Dinah is actually Ada’s cat. xD;

  2. Dinah’s the cat? Just goes to show how good I am with names lol.

  3. Before I even read this update: That first picture you posted maked me think of Yu-gi-oh.

    After reading: Well, since I know you think a little differently now I won’t comment on your opinion just yet, but I WILL ask: is that “would I recommend it” and “will I watch it” a common thing for anime blogs?

  4. Yes, Dinah does kinda remind me of Bakura x3

    But yeah, that is a rather common thing (though every blog is different – my way is just the one I prefer) Especially in the really popular blogs, though those usually have a rating system for spring/fall releases.

  5. Dinah was Ada (Oz’s little sister)’s cat. The servant boy was called Gilbert.
    Not to be mean, but when you don’t even pay attention to what the characters are called, it just shows that you weren’t paying attention to the show, and therefore cannot really give a decent review of it.

  6. Oh, so it was the cat? That just confused me for some reason… sorry about that ^^;;

    Btw, knowing character names has absolutely no relevance at all to whether or not I was paying attention. This is only the first episode, so for someone like me who is totally new to the show, I’m not going to just instantly learn all of the characters’ names – I’m no good with names at all. Plus, this episode was rather boring so with me having the short intention span that I do, the names were something that just didn’t stick well. Sorry if I confused you though, and thanks for the clear up.

  7. It is more of a homage than a parody. A parody would imply that it was mocking Alice in Wonderland. It is actually a very dedicated adaptation of the books- far better than the Looking Glass Wars!
    By the way, did you know that in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice mentions briefly a friend she has named Ada.

  8. Pandora Hearts is EPIC! I watched the whole series 3 times and am in the process of watching it a fourth time. The manga is amazing too! You should certainly change the post so that it says you would recommend it! It’s one of my favourite anime + manga of all time and in my books is level with Naruto Shippuden and Bleach!

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