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doggy-lick     Kuniko-chan: Anime has got to be one of the best things that has ever happened to my life. I can still to this day remember the first time I ever watched Naruto over 3 years ago; my first Japanese anime. Sure I watched Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh! as a kid, but this was the first time I really got into it. Though it took quite a bit of convincing, once I started watching it I was hooked. I got such a thrill out of waiting for the new episode, then screeming and squeeling when it came out that it was almost obsessive. I devoured manga, collected merchandise like prized jems, and stalked blogs for hours and hours in the day. I began to learn how to draw, practicing constantly on my papers, tests, and notebooks, just so that I could draw the characters. I’m even learning Japanese so that I may become an English teacher there. And even now, looking back on it all, from the hours of time spent, to the friends that I’ve made, I would take back a second of it. Then I though to myself, why not share it with the world? Thus this blog was born!


     Eunwoo: Hello all! Eunwoo-sshi here! Well I have to say I must agree with Kuniko-chan that anime must be one of the best things in the world next to chocolate of course!Anyways I think my first encounter with Japan’s anime was Miyazaki’s beautiful Kiki’s Delivery Service! Also the almighty Hello Kitty! (so kawaii! lol) Then I discovered…J-pop.0_0 I love BoA, Arashi, Utada Hikaru, you name it! And soon after it snowballed to really all things Japanese and Asian. Which is why I’m known as the wasian now (aka wanna-be asian) and proud of it I must say! Anyways I hope you have alot of fun in our blog! Kamsahamnida! Arigatou!

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