Posted by: kunikochan | April 25, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Ep. 3

FUNimation subs are out!

they've done this joke a million times and it's still funny xD

This joke is so old, yet still so funny! xD

Hip hip hurray for another FMA!


I’m really liking this show a lot. Well, I knew I would because I liked the first ur-gonna-get-shotseries, but this show almost blows the old one out of the water in comparison. The animation is just so much better. Now granted, the series is moving at a rapid pace right now, but I’m thinking that that’s just so that they can get through all the old material and hurry along to the new stuff (not that I’m complaining or anything; I hated the Rose story arc) Still, it would be very confusing to someone who is new to the series.

Since this is old material, there really isn’t much to be said about it. I will say, however, that I liked the way they presented the Rose story arc so much better. Obviously, it really helped my understanding that I had watched the original story, but this one seemed less confusing in a way (maybe because they didn’t introduce a whole bunch of useless stuff like they did last time) but I’m sure that’s just because I’ve seen this before. Also, animation = better (Yes, I’m going to keep saying that because it’s TRUE. The art for this show is GORGEOUS! ART BOOK PLZ!) Plus, they some how manage to use the same gags over and over again (like the “Ed is short” joke) without it getting old or annoying, in fact, I still laugh quite hard! x3

My only complaint? No Armstrong. I mean, I know he’s not supposed to be in this story arc but that doesn’t make him less awesome (>3<)


So there you go. Spread the love people~ ❤


  1. Haha. Armstrong. I did like the pacing better in episode 3 than 2 which was helluva whirlwind.

  2. Yeah, episode 2 went crazy fast, but I liked that one better overall (but maybe that’s just because I really love the flash backs for this show, unlike a certain ninja anime >>;) Regardless, this show is still really good~

  3. ❤ Armstrong~….. -w- I luffs him so……

    I found the changes they made to the Rose story arc quite fun. I don’t remember Rose having to shoot Ed and Al in the original.


    I actually think I do… or she had to something to them, but I’m sure it would have been a gun (what other weapon would she be ABLE to use? lol)

  5. Armstrong is totally my favorite. And I appreciate Natalie’s pwning of that drawing on my shirt. :3

  6. that was pretty epic wasn’t it? maybe I should bring mine in again so she can FINALLY DO MINE HUH NATALIE?!? >|

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