Posted by: kunikochan | April 25, 2009

Axis Powers 13

It’s back again! Sorry for the late update… the subs were really late this week and school had my schedule packed tight. So glad schools almost out >>;


so treat them with kindness... lol THE IRONY xDD

So this episode pretty much had me laughing the whole time. Seriously, I love this show way way to much; it’s seriously unhealthy.

Anyway, it’s training timez and Japan is nowhere to be found so it’s just Italy and Germany. Germany was teaching Italy how to treat inferiors within the army (lol, there are people inferior to Italy?! xD) so that part was pretty funny (and what was with the random cat? lol, probably his only inferior x3) Goodness, I love these too ❤


Also, the part with England summoning Russia was so hilarious! I just love Russia’s voice actor – way WAY too adorable (which is kinda ironic considering his terrifyingly sadistic attitude lol) Plus, we just covered the Russo-Japanese War in my European History class (yes, I’m lucky enough to be taking that class this semester x3) so I now have a story to tell to my teacher xD

No storage cleaning this week (but there was a longer preview for it at the end of the episode… seriously, why do they do that? the episode is only 5 minutes! Don’t waste time with previews! -_-|||) So until then! Ciao~

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