Posted by: kunikochan | April 19, 2009

K-ON! Episode 3

Time for midterms!

I know the feeling Yui >_>;;

I know the feeling Yui >_>;;

I actually really enjoyed this episode a lot because I’ve recently found myself in the same predicament as Yui so I could totally relate to it. It was really cute and funny, and with midterms coming up, it’s really guilt-tripped me into studying, which I really need to do >>;

Anyway, as the story goes, Yui fails her midterm and has to do a make-up, home-cram-sessionbut has a really hard time studying because she keeps wanting to do other things and gets distracted often. Concerned she might fail (oh, and fyi, if she fails, she has to quit the club with means the band is no more! O:) the club members do a late-night cram session with her the night before the test. In the end, she passes and the club is ready to move on… except Yui needs to pratice still.  Quite a refereshing new episode; I found it really adorable and entertaining, and again, I could really relate to this well. For this being a totally new genre for me, I’m really liking this show; it’s quite relaxing~.


  1. That looks cute…

  2. I’m not at all stressed right now. In fact, I keep craving action, so I think I’ll wait a while before I watch this one. Glad it’s helping you, though~!

  3. trebleclef: because it is. it’s frickin ADORABLE.

    ???: Yeah, this is for sure a ‘kick back and relax’ type anime, so if your looking for action then your quite lost my friend. But yes, it’s a nice break for me~

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