Posted by: kunikochan | April 18, 2009

Naruto Ch. 443 – The Answer


See? What'd I tell you?!

Naruto makes it to Pain’s/Nagato’s hide out! Naturally, Naruto doesn’t really want to fight him – instead he wants to hear his story (OHGODHEREITGOMES). Though I can totally deal (this IS the main bad guy after all, so knowing where he’s coming from would be kinda important).

Though while reading the flashbacks about Nagato’s parents’ death, I couldn’t help but laugh at the stupidity of the Konoha ninjas. And then once they realized that they had killed his parents (which were civilians – a no-no in this case) they were all like “Oops, my bad! Sorry kid!” like they had just spilled his new paint set everywhere or something. I’m sorry, but no. Those two just made the whole world a crappier place for Konoha; to bad they probably didn’t live to see the results of their thoughtless actions. (-_-|||

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter – hopefully we’ll see some results!


  1. Yeah, that was a little… Well, I guess I just found it sad and funny. xD You gotta love those nameless ninja.

  2. I felt terrible for Nagato because of some random IDIOTS killed his parents because they JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE ON THE BATTLE FIELD OF THEIR ENEMY OMG THOSE TERRIBLE PEOPLE!!!1!

    They have names. They’re Spongbob and Patrick (because that’s around where their IQ level stands).

  3. quiero ver la historia de pain me la pueden mandar o poner la direeccion web? 😀 gracias 🙂

  4. hmm… ¿es esto página web bien? (esta en inglés lo siento) ¿o tú quieres las páginas manga? (y de nada~ :D)

  5. tabién lo siento para mi español malo ^^;

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