Posted by: kunikochan | April 11, 2009

First Impressions: 07-Ghost


Does this mean that 07-Ghost has ninjas?

Here we have it, 07-Ghost – Kuniko’s boy’s love shonen anime for the season~

teito-is-shortAccording to some sources, this isn’t actually a BL anime (contrary to popular opinion) but the creater used to write BL so we’ll see how well she writes ‘friendship’ lol :laughing: Anyway, the show is about a boy named Teito and his best friend Mikage (wow that was fast! xD) that live at this military boarding school thing. It’s graduation time and in order to pass, they have to defeat this giant monster thing that looked like something out of a Soul Eater filler lol. Teito completes the task (without killing it cuz he’s nice like that (´・ω・`) ). However, a exam proctor tells him that he is talented, but weak. Anyway, the two boys pass (along with 17 others) and get to graduate. Later on that night, Teito is walking when he has this weird feeling. He sees the guy from the exams (I can’t remember his name) and starts having flashbacks about his father being killed BY THAT SAME GUY OMG!!1! (oh btw, Teito is an orphan slave boy so yeah) So he attacks him and ends up getting arrested. Of course, his best friend finds out and comes after him, and they escape together. However, Teito tells Mikage to leave him to his life of crime, and that he doesn’t want Mikage involved so he escapes alone.

bonding-timezFirst Impressions: I liked it! The animation wasn’t amazing at first, but the colors were pretty (YES that’s something I look at, so deal) and the plot was pretty interesting (unlike Pandora Hearts). Though seemingly BL-ish (well, it WAS animated by Studio Deen xD) the characters were entertaining and I liked their seiyuu (Mikage was played by Namikawa Daisuke! Southern Italy FTW! x3) Also, the fast pace was a nice change up (though all the German got pretty annoying pretty fast) And of course, a lovely ED tops the cake nicely. So would I recomend it? Oh yes. And I’m totally going to watch it~


  1. Hello, I’m jx from
    Wanna swap links?

  2. If by links you mean each other’s blog address then sure, that’s fine… I’ll add you to my blog roll! 😀

  3. I should pick up the manga again if you say the series isn’t BL. That’s why I put it down in the first place. Maybe I’ll watch an episode and then read so I can see the differences.

    We pretty much ran my opinion into the ground outside of this, though, so I have no other comment.

  4. That’s what they say xD

    It seems a bit interesting so that’s why I’m going to watch it. When it comes to the manga though, I probably won’t bother. So yeah, it’ll be nice to hear the differences ( ._.)

  5. OMG, that guys looks slightly like Tamaki…except Tamaki isn’t interested in guys…

  6. He kinda sorta does in that picture, but in reality, he doesn’t look a thing like him, honest ^^;; (oh, and FYI, they’re JUST BESTEST BUDDIES, that’s all! ;D)

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