Posted by: kunikochan | April 7, 2009

First Impressions: K-ON!



welcome-to-high-schoolMe being a shonen fan, I hardly ever give shows like this a thought (like when Kannagi came out last season – everyone said it was good but I just looked the other way) but this show seemed to get good reviews so I thought I’d give the first episode a try. The show starts out with a girl named Yui who is late for her first day of high school. Once she’s there, she is constantly pressured to join a school club of some kind (in Japan, school clubs are a big deal and it is heavily encouraged that you join one, by both teachers, parents, and even fellow classmates) Her being non-athletic and having no real hobbies, she decides to try the “Light Music Club”, but later changes her mind (except she’s already submitted an interest form! omglegasp!) So when she goes to apologize and remove herself from the club, she finds out that all the club needs a 4th member to join, otherwise the club with have to be suspended. In the end, she stays and the club becomes official!

a-new-memberFirst Impression:Though a bit slow at first, the show was cute and interesting with a nice dash of humor (I almost died laughing at that scene with the “flashback”) The characters are cute and have interesting personalities and traits considering it’s an all-girl cast (which is a total first for me). Not only that, but for the first time this season that there is a show with a full girl ensemble that isn’t full of boobs and panty shots (like this anime). However stereotypical it seems to be, it still peaked my interest and I’m quite curious to see how the rest of the story plays out. Not to mention that the OP and ED are rather catchy. So would a recommend it? Well, I don’t really know, but will I watch it? Yes.


besides, I need an all-girl anime to counteract Hetalia’s primarly male cast x3



  1. So that’s what the basis for the show is? You didn’t make it clear earlier (if I got you to say it at all. My memory’s died on me). I like the art style.

    There’s nothing wrong with certain shojo anime. I watched one called ~*Sketchbook*~ Full Colors or something (with the *s and ~s). It was a little dull, but in a relaxing sort of way. Like the Animal Crossing movie. (YestherewasoneandIwatcheditsoshutup)

  2. Plot? Four girls make a band. That’s it. xD

    I don’t think there is a problem with shojo at all, it’s just I -never- watch it so this is all new to me. Plus, shows that take place at high schools tend to be really bad and and perverted (and have at least one love interest) This anime is rather simple and pretty, so I thought I’d give it a try (it’s fun to try new genre, I think)

    btw, your username, PURE WIN

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