Posted by: kunikochan | April 7, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia 11

Chibitalia fails at emo...

Chibitalia fails at emo...


First off, let me just apologize for all the recent inactivity on my part. I’ve been rather busy with school and such so blogging about shows I barely have time to watch is quite troublesome. Of course, Hetalia is only 5 minutes long so I can always enjoy it regardless of my crazy schedule ❤

However, with finals comming up, I won’t be able to post such lengthy, image-heavy posts but for something that is so short, I think smaller summeries are best.

So, on to the show!

Considering she lives in a male-dominated anime, Hungary fits in quite nicely~

Considering she lives in a male-dominated anime, Hungary fits in quite nicely~

This episode was a bit different from their usual ones in that it started off with Chibitalia (which seemed much longer than usual) Apparently, Austria had been abandoned by the other countries/ethnic groups/whatever so now its just him, Hungary and Italy. Of course, this means that the HRE leaves too, but not before asking Italy to join him and together they’ll become strong just like the Roman Empire was back in Italy’s prime! (of course, we all know that this doesn’t happen and the HRE falls and breaks up into what we now know as GERMANYLOLOLOL) Italy, however, declines this offer saying that he doesn’t want HRE to change and blah blah blah. And like a typical, cliché soup opera, HRE runs off crying and you see a “to be continued” at the end of the segment which hopefully means they’ll be dropping Chibitalia for a while. It’s not that I don’t like Chibitalia, it’s just that I’d much rather see the story arcs with the Axis and Allied forces animated (because they are so much funnier anyway~) Plus, I already know how it’s gonna end, so yeah.

Russia should not share his Vodka...

Russia should not share his Vodka...

Anyway, back in “real time” we find out that the meeting was total fail and nothing got compromised (lol go figure). Afterwards, America looks for England (he needed him for something) only to find him daydreaming about being surrounded by mythical creatures (which is probably poking fun at England’s traditional beliefs in superstitions and magical creatures). Though it wasn’t that funny (what was funnier was America’s reaction) it was a nice break from all the emo.


And of course, after the Allied Powers’ meeting, we get a quick tidbit of Italy (he IS the main character of this show after all) giving Germany a good morning greeting. Now fangirls, before you get out your pens and paddles, let me crush your enthusiasm with cold hard fact. Like Spain and France, a very common way to greet someone in Italy is with a hug or a kiss on both cheeks, regardless of gender (sometimes, girl-friends will even hold hands in public and the like). This doesn’t make them gay, this is just a part of their culture (Italians are very affectionate people~) Of course, this is not the case in Germany (or Japan by any means), because doing something like that would, in fact, be considered verygay, just like the U.S. However, seeing as Germany is used to Italy and his odd customs, this was proably something he had to get over a long time ago (plus, no one was around to care or raise an eyebrow).

So there fangirls, EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

-is defending this show until the very end-

btw, I totally broke out a ruler during this part no I’m not obsessed what makes you say that? and measured 8 cm (using my brother as a model lol) and it’s not that big a difference! Standing on his tip-toes, he should be able to reach easily… -shutting up now-

Sorry gentlemen, only in California xD

Sorry gentlemen, only in California xD

Ahh~ I miss blogging this show! It’s always so much fun! Granted, I’m on Spring Break now (YES, THIS IS WHAT I DO ON SPRING BREAK – WATCH ANIME) so I don’t know if I’ll get back into a regular schedule, but I know I’ll at least have time for Hetalia if nothing else. Plus, with this new ‘format’ I’ll have more time to write a review. I also might try to write a review post for the first episode of some of the new anime comming out this spring (there are a few that I really wanna see!) but we’ll just have to see what kind of time I have. Until then, ciao!


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