Posted by: eunwoo | March 27, 2009

First Japanese manga…now awesome drama! lol Boys Before Flowers!

230px-hyd_vol13Hey whats up everyone! I just wanted to tell you about an awesome drama my friend Jihwan told me about! Its called Boys Before Flowers! Originally,it was called Hana Yori Dango,a japanese manga by Yoko Kamio.But this Febuary was turned live action korean drama! Its about a girl names Geum Jan Di,who is an average dry cleaners daughter.When one day she saves a guy from jumping off a building! It just so happens that he attended the high class Shinhwa High School,a school reserved for the rich of the rich.After hearing her herioc deed the school decideds to give her a scholarship to go there! On her first day though shes already the black sheep it seems but has caught the attention of the super popularF4 club,a group of 4 rich super kawaii boys!(*sigh* Yi Jung! you’ll know what i’m talking about later lol) lol. Anyways hope you check it out! You can watch it all on! I know you’ll love it!








(Ah see aren’t they adorable! (Yi Jung’s the second one on the left!) lol


  1. I read a lot of Hana Yori Dango…the anime and the animation was really bad, but the drama should be good. the story itself was actually great.

    That’s the only reason I read it as long as I did. *hides*

  2. Oooo, this looks interesting…I’ll have to pick it up if I have time

  3. trebleclef2011, Yeah i had heard that it was an anime. oh no it was bad? Well the drama’s really good! They have a Japanese and Tawianese but they dont look as good as the Korean (plus the guys are hotter in this one lol)

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