Posted by: kunikochan | March 22, 2009

KH 358/2 Days Release Date Announced!

You heard me right folks! The official release date for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 has in fact been stated! After all the speculation, they finally set a date. Now granted, I’m a bit slow with this post so this is sort of old news but that doesn’t effect my excitement in the least! I’ve always loved the KH series and having a portable installment (on my favorite hand held system, the DS) is always something to look forward to. But enough of my fangirling, the date the date!

So acording to Famitsu, a popular Japanese gaming website, the official release date for 358/2 Days is May 30th, which is still a ways off but I can deal seeing as it comes with a bonus: a limited edition Kingdom Hearts themed DSi! (the latest version of the DS) But beware, for these lovely goods don’t come cheap! The game, 358/2 Days, costs 5,980 yen (including tax, so its about $60) while the DSi costs a whopping 24,880 yen! (about $250) Hopefully the price will go down before I go to Japan this summer else I’ll be broke (-_-|||


Another minor update by the KH crew – their official website just added new episodes as well as a section called “System” which includes in-game footage, from both “Story Mode” and “Mission Mode”, which I’m guessing is a ‘mini-game’ mode kind-of thing (they DID say the game was multiplayer…thats probably where the mulitplayer comes in).

That’s all for now! Oh man, now I’m really excited!


  1. : D I can’t wait to play this on co-op. It’ll be so much fun~! There’s not much to say on this, though. >: I hope you have enough to get the DS.


    Man, they’ve been giving all this hype b/c Japan’s had it for a year, so all of the internet geeks know about it already, and now I’m really excited.


  3. Little Crown: Oh yes, I’m totally looking forward to co-op ~ thats going to rock so hard >3<

    trebleclef: Everyone’s excited! This game is gonna be awesome! Plus, according to a few sources, they are saying that the game (which has already been officially anounced to be dubbed and sent to the U.S.) is going to arrive by Christmas! Though I think that is a bit wishful thinking, I really hope that is the case! 8D

  4. I heard the the game is gonna be here in america on August 31st. SO EXITED!

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