Posted by: kunikochan | March 21, 2009

Naruto Ch. 440 – A Conversation With the 4th!


Okay wow. I was so satified with this chapter! Not only was it seemingly long,  but it was just overall full of awesome (well, HELLO it was all about Minato). Thank you Kishimoto for such a fanservice! 😀

Since there are a whole bunch of awesome details in this chapter (like Naruto learning about his dad and finding out who REALLY destroyed the village -coughTOBIcough- ) I won’t go in to them all because there are just to many. I will, however, share with you may favorite parts~~

why-do-that-to-your-own-sonThis caught me so of guard, but it was a totally normal reaction. I mean, he DID put his very own son through so much crap. But in the end, all is forgiven and Naruto is like “It’s okay, after all, I AM the son of the 4th Hokage!” >3<

But best of all…


-dies from awesome-ness-


Next Time: How will Naruto defete Pain?!? Will Yamato get there in time to help him? Where is Saucy in all of this?!? And has Hinata died yet?!? Tune in next week to see all the questions answered!!! Though we won’t make any promises


  1. Gosh these posts are so crazy I never can comment because I don’t watch it or read it or whatever…

  2. Not gonna lie though, this chapter was teh most amazin’ thing EVAH!

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