Posted by: kunikochan | March 14, 2009

Place the Face Contest! – An Ai Sp@ce Update


Ignore the title, only a select few people know where it comes from xD

Anyway, Ai Sp@ce’s latests update is a quest (a rather fun one at that!) To start the quest you have to talk a man in a brown mail uniform (as seen in the picture) in the UDX area of Akiba. Once you have, he asks you to do a series of tasks in which you must complete by using your emotions! (like walking up the stairs and then waving five times). After each completed emotion, a red ! will appear over your head telling you that you’ve done the emotion correctly and that you can move on to the next area. Once you’ve done all of them, go back and talk with the man and he’ll give you a whopping 1,200D for the assignment (well, its alot considering the fact that it requires almost no effort) Again, its a once-a-day kind of thing, but its still an easy way to stock up on the money!

Parting Shot:


Me and my friend Nya (who told me about the quest – nyaさん、ありがとうございます!!!

( ゚▽゚)/


  1. Is that you?
    That totally doesn’t look like the kunikochan that I know, lol…
    She’s really short and cute, I like it a lot!

  2. i almost never log in anymore +_+;
    I logged in last night to get my 1000D and somehow got pulled into a conversation with some Japanese sitting around who liked my nick name and told them ye olde tale of how I am Russian but can speak Japanese or whatever 😆

    Sigh I wish AiSpace had something interesting to do, for now I’m occupied with Bright Shadow

  3. lol, actually thats a wig (I was wearing it so that me and Toru…a friend of mine…would look exactly the same and confuse everyone xD)

  4. Wow, it’s me in the screen shot 😀

    There was a party just before I met you. This is why i was putting on the dress.

  5. Hinano: lol (I’ve seen your border-line obsessive posting on Bright shadow btw xD) And your right – there isn’t really anything ‘to do’ really, its more of a time waster, but everytime I get on I get rapped up in a conversation with friends and end up losing like 4 hours ><;

    nya: はい、お前だ~ww

    パーテ? MJD?! 知りませんでした (*。_。)

  6. Lol…that’s really cute. Too bad I can’t read Japanese.

  7. You should learn! It’s worth it, really. Japan has all sorts of awesome stuff to do~ ♥

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