Posted by: kunikochan | March 13, 2009

Axis Powers 7

It’s that time of week again! >D


And it looks like yet another a new player has entered the game! Guess who it is?! (I’ll give you a hint – HAIRCURL >3)

Ugh, sorry this post comes late again. I’m still feeling the after-effects of my winter illness (but I’ve been stocking up on Vitamin C so I should get back to normal real soon). Regardless, I like this show too much not to post about it, even if it is a tad bit late~

Anyway, on with the show!

I can has cheeseburger?

I can has cheeseburger?

Okay, so the episode starts off with America at what I presume is a world conference (but only him and Britain were there as far as I could tell lol some world conference) and they decided that they would attack Italy, the weakest of the Axis Powers. During this explanation, however, America begins to shove cheeseburgers and large sodas down his throat (which I do believe was a all-Americans-are-fat joke xD) By the way, have I mentioned that I love America’s voice actor? Because I do, I really do >3<

The Italian Brothers~

The Italian Brothers~

Anywho, after the conference thing, Italy introduces his big brother Southern Italy (AKA Romano) to Germany as a new member of the Axis Powers group (but try not to get confused – Northern and Southern Italy are in fact the same country, they’re just very different from each other)



In fact, the two are VERY different. While Italy thinks the world of Germany, Romano (I’m just going to stick with that name) has a problem with him the very first second they meet (though thats mostly due to the fact that Germany’s habits and life style are rubbing off onto Italy). But the two do have one thing in common – weakness xD Because it doesn’t even take ten seconds for Romano to get frightened by another country, in this case France, and duck behind Germany for protection lol.

"Germany is a really nice person"

"Germany is a really nice person"

Please excuse me while I go quietly explode in a corner.

"Can't you say nice things about me too?"

"Can't you say nice things about me too?"

As Romano’s hatred for Germany continues (he even calls him the ‘potato freak’ lol) he decides to get back at Germany for ‘corrupting’ Italy, only to embarrass himself in the end. Italy tells him not to worry, however, because Germany is nice and won’t care, and goes on and on with other praises of his awesomeness. Though for some reason, when asked, he couldn’t say one nice thing about his own brother LOL (you know what that means – TRAGIC CHILDHOOD/PAST!!! 8D)

My yaoi senses are tingling!

My yaoi senses are tingling!

Chibitalia seemed to be even shorter than normal this week, though I’m not going to complain since I know what coming >>;  Oh well…

By the way, what is up with the lighting on Chibitalia? This is a web-aired anime, so its not because the scene was a little bright and didn’t rip to the computer well, this is HOW IT ACTUALLY IS. But it’s so bright (and most of the time the characters are wearing WHITE CLOTHES) that you can’t see whats going on. That was poor planning on their part if you ask me.

the phone rings...WHAT COULD THAT MEAN!?!?

the phone rings...WHAT COULD THAT MEAN!?!?

Overall I really liked this episode, though they seem to get shorter and shorter with every new release :< Oh well, at least there are 26 of them!

There wasn’t really much of a preview for next week’s episode (again, not complaining because that shortens the actual episode, and they’re short enough already) except a phone ringing, but that really isn’t much of a preview so next week’s gonna be a bit of a surprise. I CAN’T WAIT. 8DDD



  1. Explode quietly in a corner…lol…

  2. I forgot to say this the first time but Italy looks like he’s drunk…all of the time…

    Does that mean that Germany’s like, the designated driver, or what?

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