Posted by: kunikochan | March 7, 2009

New Shippuden Song Hits iTunes!

Bacchikoi Bacchikoi Baby!!!

Bacchikoi Bacchikoi Baby!!!

Guess which one it is? x3

Yes, thats right folks! The new Naruto Shippuden ending song tittled “Bacchikoi!!!” (which means “Bring it!!!”) is now avalible on iTunes! The song is by a group called ‘Devparade’, Japan’s fattest pop group. (yes, you heard me right!) Though why they randomly decided to put this song up I don’t really know (my guess is because the song is pretty popular, and since Viz Media now airs subbed versions of Naruto on their website, iTunes was able to release the song in America knowing that people would buy it) Unfortunately, this is the only Naruto ending song that I can find on iTunes (but if more come up, I’ll definitely post!)


Just search ‘Bacchikoi’ on iTunes and the song’ll pop right up! (along with another single called “Gods N’ Death”) If you like the song, then please buy it to encourage iTunes to keep releasing anime songs like this! Man, it’s so awesome to see America finally catching up! 😀

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