Posted by: kunikochan | March 7, 2009

Naruto Ch. 438 – Breaking the Seal


Um…what were they doing again? xD

No, seriously. Either he just pulled this out of his butt or its been SO LONG since we were shown, well, whatever the crap they’re doing, that I’ve forgotten what it is exactly that they are doing and better yet why. The good thing that comes out of there appearance? Sai(I do love him you know) It’s nice to see him alive and well~  (to be honest I’d forgotten what had happened to him xD)


This part kinda gets me. Why? Because like many others, I think this is a sign that Yamato is going to die. Now that Naruto’s necklace has been broken (oh yeah, btw, Naruto’s necklace broke) Yamato really has no way of stopping him, and Naruto has no way of controlling himself so that he doesn’t kill his teammates. Though I really hope this is not the case because Yamato is awesome and doesn’t need to feed the list of growing casualties (take someone that no one cares about, like Anko!) Yamato is one of the few talents left in this flattened wasteland; let him live darn it!


But other than this, nothing really interesting happened. Pein and Naruto fought a bunch (oh yeah, and Hinata’s still alive…sortof) but thats it. Hopefully next chapter will be awesomer~


  1. You know, there are tons of Anko fans out there. Let’s hope none of them read this (because then I’d probably have to clean up after they got a hold of you).

    I just ignored the question of what they were doing and focused on Naruto. x3 Wait… Where does Kabuto come into all this, anyway?

    By the way, Yamato’s eyes bother me in that one scene you posted. They look out of focus.

  2. lol, i know….

    and whats funnier is that I REMEMBER SOMEWHERE WAY BACK when he might’ve sent them on this “mission”, but I can’t even remember when that was xD

    oh wow they do xD

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