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Axis Powers Hetalia 5 & 6

There is no better cure for illness than a DOUBLE POST OF HETALIA GOODNESS!!1! (>3<)



Yeah, like I posted I’ve been a bit sick (cold and flu season got me a bit late this year) so this post comes a bit late (plus I’ve been speed-watching my way through FMA so I could watch the new season, yay FMA! >3<)

Anyway, on to the episodes! ( ゚▽゚)/


Episode 5:


THE BEACH EPISODE!!!! Because there is no place to hide from your enemies like the beach! Oh gods, this episodes has to be my favorite so far – the colors were so pretty and their was so much ITALY that it made me wanna fangirl scream.

PLOT sort of: So now that Germany and Italy are official allies, Italy decides to make preparations…



 OF COURSE one of the preparations is going to be food (specifically pasta) since this IS Italy we’re talking about

I surrender - Germany

I surrender - Germany

I surrender - Italy

I surrender - Italy

You can used these on girls too LOL

"You can used these on girls too!"

Not gonna lie, I pretty much died from laughter here~

Because if you lose as much as Italy, you’re going to need one of these


"Don't you have SOMETHING that's useful?!"


Pasta, white flags, and girls – this pretty much sums up Italy’s character in the show so far, and yet it still hasn’t gotten old XD But of course Germany isn’t very happy and wants him to do something more ‘useful’….


Do giant pasta-sand sculptures count? (´・ω・`)


In Italian, we say 'asse'

I guess this joke is only funny to us Americans. XD

So later on while sitting around the campfire they try to come up with a nifty new name for their ‘group’. Italy notices that they are so strong that it seems like the world revolves around them, AND SO AXIS POWERS IS BORN.

WUT are you doing?

WUT are you doing?

Chibitalia! Though not my favorite part of the show, I still find it to be very cute (especially how Austria calls Italy the “Honorable Mr. Idiot”  xD)


Episode 6:

Enter, the Allied Powers!

Enter, the Allied Powers!

One word. AMERICA. Italy aside, he is FOR SURE my favorite character (not to mention the PERFECTLY AWESOME seiyuu that plays him) I just luvs him, I do.

Oh, yeah, the plot…


It appears that Austria has joined the Axis powers, however he’s not to happy with Italy being on their side as well, and so he expresses his anger with piano music (Chopin to be exact) and I have to admit, it was quite beautiful music -is a lover of the piano-

This (the playing of the piano) is actually a stereotype because for those of you who don’t know, Austria is very big on piano music and back in the day this was the best place to study music (some of the worlds greatest pianists have come from Austria)

Though Germany doesn’t really seem to mind him at first, it doesn’t take long before Germany really starts to get annoyed with Austria and his weird customs…

Now thats what I call MANservice!

Now thats what I call MANservice!

…like saving all clothing even though its old or has a hole in it (like Germany’s old boxers lol xD)

Later on, the Axis gang gathers around the campfire again and start roasting marshmellos, and of course…

Are they trying to mock us?!?

"Are they trying to mock us?!?!"

…America has to do they exact same thing. Oh man how I love him!


Needless to say, the gang isn’t so happy with it, but they do go along with it (though France’s England’s chant/song/thing kinda ruins the mood)

EDIT: Actually, England is the one that sings the chant/summon thing, not France (thanks pookiemonster for the heads up! :D)


"Austria-san is so good~"

Chibitalia – Italy learns that Austria is good at piano. Nothing really new (but still cute >3<)

Moe Italy is Moe

Moe Italy is Moe

And that’s it! I told you it was image heavy! Ah, if only the episodes were longer, though I’m not unsatisfied, I just wish there was more love to spread! Until next week!


Oh goodness, I think I may have an very unhealthy obsession.


  1. …. Is it possible for me to comment on this without an account? (ohyesIthinkitis)

    Your obsession is most amusing. x3 I wish I knew where to watch these. It’s a fun series, and I have plenty of free time.

    I was reading the kana on the flags (and was disappointed to discover that my dictionary was of no help in the translation of the word surrender) and I had a very generic American moment by thinking that the kana for Germany would sound like Germany. >>; -facepalm- (and that time I didn’t do it wrong~) It’s cool that they actually used the German word for Germany, though.

    And, due to my low score on the “Axis Powers Episodes Watched”-o-meter, I am unable to comment on more. 😀 yayz.

  2. -is happy that you commented-

    lol, amusing? I was thinking more along the lines of ‘insane’, but hey, I love history WAY to much to not like this show (plus its a comedy with adorable characters which is an automatic win for me ♥ )

    …And by watching this show, I learn japanese AND history at the same time! (plus I gets to watch meh daily animus) how can I resist?

    (btw, you can watch this show on, they have all the episodes subbed and they haven’t taken any down yet! But to be safe, I downloaded all of them cuz I’m a dork :>)

  3. EPIC username btw >3<

  4. Hetalia is awesome ❤ Just wanted to make a note to you though. The Allied Force who sang the song was actually England ^^ That’s why the joke about summoning the devil is so LOL (if you’ve read the manga you’d catch my drift^^)

  5. It is, isn’t it? x3

    Oh is that so? I couldn’t tell because of the semi-crappy video graphics…. >>; But thanks for the heads up! I’ll have to change it (and though I’ve read the manga’s ‘main story line’, I’m a bit behind on all the side comics, so I don’t quite get it ^^;)

  6. Dude, I never actually commented. I’m kinda late. But anywayz, that is super cute. You know, Italy’s like a little kid…and he has to be taken care of ALL THE TIME
    It’s awesome. xD

  7. lol Italy XD
    He is just LMAO material, “asse” yes us Americans *I laughed when I heard him say that* XD

    And America! PFFT he’s all flustered, he wants to roast marshmallow’s too XD
    (I’d do the same thing! XDD )

    I thought Austria’s piano playing was great too, and the underwear part.. It’s like a married couple! XDD

  8. Lol yeah, we can be awfully mature sometimes xD

    And who WOULDN’T want to roast tasty marshmellows?

    Thank you for your comment! 😀

  9. I loved this episode, especially the part where they noticed that Austria was playing on the shore?

    What’s killing me is the song he plays when he’s with Germany. I’m sitting here going through all the Chopin pieces I can find, just to find that one song he plays.

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