Posted by: eunwoo | March 3, 2009

TVXQ Check them out! LOL


Ok so I have to tell you about my 2nd fav boy band TVXQ! Anyways so this is a Korean boy band called Dong bang shin gi (or gods of the east, weird huh?) under S.M Entertainment. It has five adorable members named: (left to right) Xiah, Mickey, Hero, Max, and U-Know! They also have a Japanese side of them called TVXQ! All of there songs are awesome whether in Japanese or Korean. They are amazing at acapella and have a variety of voice ranges (from bass, baritone, to tenors) which makes them sound amazing! They’re newest CD is Korean and is called Mirotic (not sure when there new Japan album comes out). Its an awesome dance album. Most of there songs are either dance or acapella ballads. Anyways I highly recommend TVXQ (after Super Junior of course! lol) to any music lovers! 🙂

So here are two of there songs (in Japanese lol)…..O_O


Ahhh they are so hot!!! (Melts!) lol  (Look up Hanguel version too if you like this one~)

And this one just rocks my socks! Why Have I Fallen In Love With You?

Ah so beautiful!! This is the acapella of this song!

Ok ok last thing! This is them just being silly!

LOL! Thanks for reading!



  1. Ah, so these guys are the ones behind Mirotic~

  2. Si senorita! lol tis them! 😀

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