Posted by: kunikochan | February 21, 2009

Naruto Chapter 436 – Peace


They’ve finally figured it out! (w00t!) ๐Ÿ˜€

So after a long winded explination it turns out that Pain’s REAL body is up somewhere in Konoha’s highest point in the highest room of the tallest tower lol. Let the search begin!

Meanwhile, Naruto is still tied up to Pain listening to his emo sob-story about his sucky past and how his village was always inbetween the bickering countries (in other words, his country was used as a fighting ground to solve issues). Though to be honest, I actually feel kinda bad for him. I know that Kishimoto-sensei has used this plot-device quite a bit, but this time it works a little better (for lack of better words). Especially when Pain questions Naruto’s ‘justice’ and Naruto can’t come up with a good response (that just KILLED ME DEAD). OH I just can’t wait to see how this conversation plays out! >3<


But thats not all, because we get to see an apperance by none other than….(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD)


NAGATO!!!!! OMG NAGATO LIVES! (barely but) HE LIVES!!!1! OH, what a PLOT TWIST! THE REAL PAIN IS NAGATO! OH MEH GOODNESS! MAN I’m so pumped for next week’s chapter! BRING. IT. ON!!!

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