Posted by: eunwoo | February 20, 2009

Full House!


Ok so this has to be MY FAV drama ever! Starring the beautiful Song Hye Kyo and the adorable

So the romantic comedy is about a girl named Han Ji-eun  that lives alone in the house that she inherits from her parents. Her parents named the property ‘Full House.’ She has two close friends who end up selling the house behind her back to movie star Lee Young-jae. Through a series of incidents, the two make a contract to marry, so that Ji-eun can stay in the house that her parents built. Although not in love with each other when they marry, a love between them develops slowly over time. The feelings of love are constantly interrupted by Gang Hye-won, Young-jae’s love interest for quite some time and by Yu Min-hyeok, a man that Han ji-eun likes. In this big love triangle there is alot of comedy and growing up(on Young-jae’s part). I won’t tell you the end though,you have to find that out for yourself. 🙂 Even if your not that into the romantic comedy scene i’m possitive you’ll find a part of Full House that you’ll love!

Heres a clip from the show enjoy! 🙂


(P.S There is a song called “Why” in this show that i have an embarrasssing story about.Ok so we were at an awesome chinese restraunt called Papa Chens(go there!) and we had this really cute waiter so i’m trying to be all cute and cool around him.But my downfall was when this song came on the radio.(its the first Korean song i’ve heard on OUR radio!) So i start jumping up and down in my seat saying “I Love this song OMG!!!” my mom and  people around me are staring at me and of course our cute waiter just has to come by when i’m fangirling and gave me this reallly weird look. My face got all red and i got real quiet.I just got out of the booth and left quietly with my squid takeout…..Then of course i called my sister and fangirled about it some more. lol k i’m done now promise)



  1. It really did look really cute (I should probably check it ou :3)

    Though if you would like a good drama to watch, I would highly recomend watching “Hanazakari no Kimitachi E” its really good! 😀

    (btw, I hope you didn’t minde me adding a ‘read more’ tab to the post…its just keeps the page from getting crowded with really long posts >_<)

  2. Oh ok i’ll have to check that out.
    No thats fine.I was actually trying to figure out how to do that. 🙂

  3. You should. Its really good! (and its new! it finished last october)

    there is an icon that you click to insert a ‘read more’ tab while your writing the post. its near the spellchecker

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