Posted by: kunikochan | February 17, 2009

APH Episode 4

Episode 4 is out!

Enter Japan!

Enter Japan!

 Warning: Thar be fangirling ahead! (>3<)


So now Japan has entered the madness! Though to be honest, I’m kinda disappointed with his voice actor. I mean, the evil sadistic Russia gets the most adorable voice in the history of forever yet cute otaku-boy Japan gets, well, a lame-o flat boring voice. But then again, they were probably going for sterotypes on this one so a totally monotone voice was the way to go. Still, his design is way to adorable for his voice~ ;_;



Japan = super technology genius / robots (and U-boat designer lol) Oh, the sterotypes the sterotypes~ (which makes me even more excited to see America enter all this mess xD)

But lets not also forget….


omg CHIBI ITALY!!1! 8D

CHIBITALIA! Guest staring Austria! (and Northern Italy?) Not gonna lie, Chibi-Italy has got to be the cutest thing I have seen in my whole life forever and ever amen. For cereal.

Though I’m kinda sad that Romano hasn’t made a real appereance yet (the top of his head doesn’t count!) But from the way things are moving, we’re getting close to seeing the HRE (Holy Roman Empire) again soon!  Fangirls, you know what that means! >3) 


And now let me spam the rest of this post with adorable Italy screens~

Pasta~~ ♥

Pasta~~ ♥

Italy's a ladies man

Italy's a ladies man

Oh gods, this shot just about killed me with cuteness

Oh gods, this shot just about killed me with cuteness



Next Episode: Beach party! How can you possibly go wrong with that? (≧▽≦)


First Hetalia post! (lol, I just realized that I didn’t mention a single thing about the plot XD) Sorry for the incoherent mess lol, I’m such a fangirl~ x3

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