Posted by: kunikochan | February 15, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia


Who said history couldn’t be cute?! ;w;


Okay, so after I could STAND IT NO LONGER, I decided to annouce my latest addition to the blog roll,  Axis Powers Hetalia, a web comic now-turned-anime about the World Wars as well as other parts of world history (and me being a history buff, there was no way I could say no). The writer (a total genius) took this rather gruesome part of history and made it fun and interesting by making it into a hilarious comic about how useless and weak Italy was (which is where the title comes in ~ a combonation of the words Hetare [useless] and Itaria [Italy] so it means Useless Italy) during the wars and throughout all of history pretty much. The ‘characters’ in the show/comic are actually personified versions of each country that follow that particular countries sterotypes (like America being blonde and loving cheeseburgers) and ‘reinact’ history in a hilarious, twisted sort of way. It is for sure worth checking out, especially if your nuts about history like me. And even if your not, you’ll never look at history the same ever again.


Expect me to blog! 

Yes, I am aware that I didn’t blog last weeks Naruto or Soul Eater, shut up. They really wern’t worth the blogging, I was busy, and the Naruto manga scans were really crappy (<–my lame excuses not doing it lol) I should be back on track by this week I promise not really.

EDIT: For a really nice blog coverage of the first episode, click here –>


    I love this. The manga is SO CUTE.

  2. You’ve read this? LOL, I’m like totally obsessed with it (the theme song is my ringtone ♥)

    Well actually, I guess I shouldn’t be -that- suprised that you’ve read it – its been getting a lot of attention these days >3<

  3. It’s pretty incredible if I do say so myself.
    I haven’t gotten to read a whole lot, but the Italy/Germany thing is hilarious.
    And it’s a pretty good way of putting history in a way that we can understand.

  4. I love Italy more than life itself; he’s so weak and adorable that it makes me wanna fangirl scream x3

    You should check out the [giant crazyawesome mess they call an] anime. Its new and the episodes are short (like five min. ;_;) but its full of win (the voice actors, especially America, are all AMAZING fsdjksja >3<)

  5. Ah i haven’t heard of this manga it sounds adorable though. 🙂

  6. it IS, you should TOTALLY check it out (it’s full of win!)

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