Posted by: eunwoo | February 4, 2009

Rain Review:Eternal Rain


Ah the ever sexy Rain *sigh*

Well though this isn’t his latest album (latest is Rainism) its still a great listen and totally awesome in general,as are all his songs. It also happens to be his first full Japanese album. Its almost as though hes been teasing Cloud (his fanclub, haha get it Rain, Cloud) with his mni singles he finally compiled them into one uber J-pop album. The cd starts out fast with the pop song Freeway then more hip hop with Oh yeah ft. Ai (previously on the I’m Coming album). Then my fav on the list Sad Tango, ah this songs so catchy and theres even an english version near the end. Rain’s voice is very unique but amazing. Plus hes adorable!lol

Heres the total track listing:


2.Oh Yeah

2.Sad Tango

4.Move On (Japanese version)

5.Baby Baby (my 2nd personal fav)

6.feel so right

7.Because I’m so Hot

8.Without You

9.Because of You

10.Props in my life

11.Sad Tango Eng Ver.

12.Freeway Remix

If you want to know more about Rain and his music 

His official website is at



  1. Ah~

    Who doesn’t love Rain? >3<

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