Posted by: kunikochan | February 3, 2009

Please Mr. Postman~! (ai sp@ce update)



Ok, so this update probably isn’t all that new (and its not major by any means), but I just noticed it so I figured I’d post about it… >>;;

Anyway, to participate you have to talk to the UPS delivery man (lol) standing next to the train conductor in D.C.’s shopping district (he might be on the other islands as well, but I been there in a while so I don’t know for sure ><) Once you talk to him, he’ll ask you to deliver a few packages to the local shops in the area (the places he picks are at random, so you may get the same one twice). Once delivered, you can either quit or do it again. You get 100 dere for each package delivered and can only deliver 10 packages a day (1000 dere a day for those of you who are too lazy to do the math). However, sometimes you get bonus items instead of money (like a few of my friends got a dress). Either way, its an easy and quick way to earn money!


Also, there is supposed to be a Valentine’s Day event or something like that, but I haven’t seen anything about it yet (nor have I noticed any updates) but I’ll post if I do!

Brownie points if you can tell me where the title comes from! >3<


  1. I hate that I can’t play the game because of my stupid inablilty to read Japanese.
    *hits self in head*

  2. I know! The game is so adicting and so much fun to play~

  3. HEY
    Check my blog.
    And I need to get a Japanese book or death is imminent.

  4. Get Genki – it’s like one of the best ones out there and it teaches Kanji. I’m getting it, so we can both be on the same page~! (but BE WARNED, it be very expensive! however it’s a good program – it has a textbook like teching book for learning, a 6-pack CD set, and a work book. Genki is divided into 2 parts, each part w/ its own CD’s and work book, but its awesome!)

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