Posted by: eunwoo | February 2, 2009

BoA Goes International in 09


One of Japan and Korea’s biggest pop stars,BoA,plans to release an all english album in America in early 2009!

For those of you who don’t know BoA she is,as i said,one of Asias biggest pop stars.She debuted at age 22 in 2000 with SM Entertainment releasing her first album Peace B and since then has sky rocketed on the charts.In 2002 she moved to Japan and took on a totally different music market(“Toto we’re not in Korea anymore!”),again taking the top of Nihons charts too.And here she is today.One of here most recongnizable by anime fans is “Every Heart”,used as an ending to Inuyasha (season 1 and 2).

Her new album is currently not titled and features a collection of hip hop,and r&b tunes.And with BoAs awesome voice and dance moves i’m sure Americas going to love her!

Heres her new single Eat U Up from the upcoming album!



  1. Yay! Hopefully it’ll be here soon! I love BoA and would be thrilled to see her music in lil ole America~ >3<

  2. I think that BoA will be VERY well recieved. She’s like the Beyonce of the Asian world. I’m excited for her arrival!

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