Posted by: kunikochan | January 28, 2009

Up and Running!












Welcome to the Secret Life of the American Otaku, yet another blog about anime and the awesome people that make it. This will be a joint blog between me (Kuniko) and Eunwoo about all things Japan and beyond! Though we’re both rather new to blogging, we think that this will be a wonderful experience to share our love of all things Japan and beyond! I’ve got most everything in place, though do expect some changes here and there so that we can get things running exactly as we’d like. Other than that, we’re official!


  1. Woot! That’s awesome. Blogging is fun, isn’t it?

    Oh, and the art is really pretty. Who made it?

    ~trebleclef2011 (ava)

  2. > not really sure who made it – I found it on a Japanese fansite quite some time ago

    The words say “Congratulations Kakashi!”, so I though it kinda fit, with the opening of a new blog an’ all x3

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